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Pruning trees and shrubs Bedano

Pruning trees and shrubs Bedano

Professionals in Tree and Shrub Pruning in Bedano

To keep your green space looking its best, contact the professionals in tree and shrub trimming in Bedano. Acerbis paesaggistica provides you with experience and skill to care for your plants. Pruning is a necessary but delicate task. Performed with the right skills, it contributes to the health, growth and beauty of plants. Conversely, mistakes due to inexperience and incompetence can permanently compromise their life. For more than 30 years, Acerbis paesaggistica has been offering gardening services with professionalism and passion. We work with qualified professionals and use only the best materials available on the market. We remain constantly up-to-date on the latest techniques and technologies in the industry and boast a fleet of state-of-the-art machinery.
esempio di lavori di potatura alberi e arbusti a bedano

How we work

We carefully follow all phases of the work, from design to implementation, ensuring high quality results. We also offer a complete maintenance service for your green space, from ordinary work, such as lawn cutting and tree and shrub pruning, to extraordinary work, such as irrigation system maintenance, lawn regeneration, etc.
esempio di lavori di potatura alberi e arbusti a bedano

Healthy plants thanks to pruning trees and shrubs 

Do you have a garden, a park or a green terrace in the Bedano area? Do you want beautiful, healthy and lush plants? Do you want to maximize the productive yield of your plants? Pruning of trees and shrubs should be done at certain times of the year for best results.

However, the exact timing depends on the plant species and your pruning goals. Being experts in the sector, after an inspection, we will be able to establish the best time and the technique to use to prune each plant. The Acerbis paesaggistica tree and shrub pruning service offers you the following services: 


Training pruning 

This is a procedure that allows you to control the size of the plant and defines the shape and structure of the plant by shortening branches that are too long and messy. This pruning is carried out during the growth phase, when the plant is in a state of vegetative rest (February/March) . 

Maintenance pruning 

Maintenance pruning consists of removing damaged , diseased or dry branches and controlling the size of the plant . The objective is to encourage the growth of the plant and the production of flowers and fruits. It is necessary to know the plants, their characteristics and needs to establish when they need to be pruned.  

  • Evergreen plants: in spring 
  • Deciduous plants: late autumn-early spring 
  • Summer flowering plants: late winter 
  • Spring flowering plants: when the flowers fade 

Restoration pruning 

This involves the selective removal of dry or diseased parts , a process that helps keep the plant in good health and prevents the risk of sudden falls of dangerous branches. This practice also reduces the potential for the spread of disease or insect infestation, as diseased branches can serve as entry points for pathogens.   

Felling of trees 

Sometimes pruning the dry or diseased branches of a tree is not enough. When a tree is too sick or dry it can become a danger to objects and people. Especially if subjected to the force of atmospheric agents (strong wind, heavy rain or snow), the branches could break or the entire tree could fall causing damage to roads, buildings, cars and passers-by.

Even if the tree is too close to a building and begins to threaten its stability, it will be necessary to cut it down. 

Topiary pruning 

It consists of giving trees and shrubs geometric shapes different from those that these plants would naturally have for ornamental purposes.  


The pruning period changes based on the region, climate and plant species Our experts will advise you on the best time for pruning trees and shrubs in Bedano . 

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