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From idea to realization

Each project is different from the other, even if it is on the same side of the same street. The residential building will be different, the views inside and outside the garden are specific to that particular site. Some gardens are affected by the proximity of a noisy street or a difficult neighbor; but more importantly, the owners will have different lifestyles and aspirations and their own personal ideas about what a garden should be.
Planimetria dettagliata per lavori di giardinaggio, mostra il servizio di Progettazione di Acerbis Paesagistica.

Our mission

Thanks to a team of highly qualified designers, we are able to develop an overall design rather than for individual plants by creating interesting relationships between plants and structures, plants and ornaments, as well as between the plants themselves; then the garden will become more than the sum of its components, it can become a place where the body and mind can stay with pleasure, enjoying the human creation embedded in the cycle of nature.
Due lavoratori di Acerbis Paesagistica mentre effettuano misurazioni sul terreno, illustrando l'attenzione al dettaglio nella fase di progettazione.

Design: Our services

L'architetto paesaggista mentre lavora su un progetto
Landscape architect
giardiniere paesaggista in azione
Landscape gardener
giardiniere professionista all'opera
Professional gardener

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