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Landscape architect

Landscape architect

Why rely on a professional landscape architect

Whether you want to create a green space from scratch or want a makeover of an existing one, the support of the professional landscape architect gives you many advantages. With extensive knowledge in outdoor space design and planting, we create functional, sustainable and ecological environments. We evaluate not only objective factors, such as local climate, terrain topography, availability of water resources, and orientation, but work closely with you to understand your personal needs, desires, and expectations and then translate them into feasible, unique, and customized designs. We transform even the smallest spaces into oases of tranquility and beauty, adding aesthetic and functional value to properties. For the creation of your green space contact Acerbis paesaggistica.
L'architetto paesaggista mentre lavora su un progetto

How we work

We base our work on quality, customization and collaboration. Having 30 years of experience in botany and outdoor space design, we offer high quality service, aiming to fully meet our client’s needs and visions. By working closely with trusted professionals, we are able to accurately and professionally implement design ideas and ensure an optimal end result. We listen carefully to our client in order to understand exactly their needs, wishes and expectations and thus achieve our goals: to provide excellent service and full client satisfaction.
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Professional landscape architect 

The landscape architect is a professional figure of great importance in the field of architecture and design of outdoor spaces. The Acerbis paesaggistica team transforms natural environments, such as parks, gardens , terraces and public areas, into harmonious, functional and aesthetically pleasing places.

We combine our knowledge of architecture, botany , ecology and urban planning to create green spaces , to meet your needs and improve the living well-being of your garden, terrace and the city . 


The landscape architecture expert 

We deal with the transformation of existing outdoor spaces and the creation of new outdoor environments. We deal with private and public gardens, terraces and parks of all sizes. 

Garden design  

We help you design and create customized gardens that reflect your tastes, your needs and your vision of life.  

Renovation of  external areas : 

We renovate existing gardens, terraces and green spaces and transform them by redesigning them in an attractive , personalized and functional way that meets your current needs. 

Planning of public areas:  

We deal with the regeneration and creation of parks, gardens and other public areas.  

Design of green areas belonging to commercial spaces:  

If you own a bar, a restaurant or any commercial business with an outdoor green space, we can help you create a welcoming and inviting environment by improving the aesthetic and functional aspect of the area and thus optimizing your customers’ experience. 


Landscape architect: guarantee of success 

To obtain the optimal result, rely on the experience of a trusted landscape architect. Professionalism, an open dialogue, personalized design and customer satisfaction are our business card. To guarantee our work we put at your disposal: 

  • Over 30 years of experience 
  • A vast portfolio of clients 
  • Communication skills and understanding of client ideas and needs  
  • Punctuality  
  • Respect for the budget  
  • Review from our customers 

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