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Garden irrigation Bedano

Garden irrigation Bedano

Garden irrigation specialists in Bedano

If you want to have a green space that is always healthy and lush, rely on the experience of garden irrigation specialists in Bedano. Why rely on professionals? Because thanks to their professional skills and extensive experience in the field, they are able to correctly assess all the aspects needed to design an irrigation system that meets the specific needs of your garden. Acerbis paesaggistica puts its extensive experience in garden irrigation at your disposal to study customized solutions for your green space.
parte impianto di irrigazione di giardini a bedano

How we work

We love our work and put passion into what we do. We offer high quality, timely and personalized service. Thanks to our collaboration with professionals, a fleet of machines that is always on the cutting edge, the use of first-rate materials, continuous updates on the latest innovations regarding irrigation techniques and technologies, and more than 30 years of experience, we are able to offer you excellent design, service and maintenance throughout the year.
parte impianto di irrigazione di giardini a bedano

Garden irrigation systems in Bedano: a green choice 

Plants are our oxygen tank. A healthy and lush green space not only enhances your property, but creates well-being. Trust capable and passionate professionals who take care of your garden, your terrace, your green space while respecting the environment. Acerbis paesaggistica designs and creates garden irrigation systems in Bedano. Water is a very important commodity! Without it, life does not exist. Being a limited resource, it must be used consciously and without unnecessary waste. Thanks to advanced systems and technologies, we program and set up your garden irrigation system so as to distribute exactly the quantity of water needed at the best times of the day.   

No waste 

  • Quantity of water distributed 

We know the daily water needs of plants very well and are able to program the right amount of water to distribute, avoiding waste caused by excessive or inappropriately timed irrigation.  

  • Moment of water distribution 

A well-planned system distributes water only in the coolest moments of the day, generally in the morning and evening. In this way the evaporation phenomenon is more limited and the water requirement is reduced. 

Garden health 

  • Quantity of water distributed 

Watering manually makes it more difficult to distribute the water evenly. By using a garden irrigation system, there will be no abundantly watered areas where puddles of water will form and poorly hydrated areas in which the lawn or plants will suffer. Your garden will be well cared for, green and lush. 

  • Healthier plants 

Choosing the right time to water is also essential for the health of plants. If water is applied during the hottest moments of the day, when the sun is beating down, wet leaves could get burned and the water could evaporate before it can be absorbed by the soil and reach the roots of the plants. 


Garden irrigation in Bedano: a customized system 

The irrigation system must be designed installed and programmed so that the water is distributed uniformly and respecting the water needs of the plants. When evaluating which system is most suitable for your garden it is important to consider several factors :  

  • the characteristics of the garden: extension, presence of slopes , type of soil (clay, sand, peat, etc.); 
  • the local climate 
  • the type of plants and their specific water needs: some plants may require more frequent watering, while others may prefer drier soil ; 


Are you looking for an expert in garden irrigation in Bedano? 

The experts at Acerbis paesaggistica are at your disposal to design a tailor-made irrigation system for your green space. Remember that a well-designed and properly installed irrigation system can help keep your garden healthy by reducing water waste and simplifying your plant care routine. For garden irrigation in Bedano, contact the Acerbis paesaggistica team. 

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