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Lugano garden construction

Lugano garden construction

Professionals in garden construction in Lugano

Garden construction experts in Lugano help you create the garden you want, a personalized space tailored to you. They design and create your green space taking into account all the important elements. Some of these are objective such as garden size, soil type, drainage, climate and sun exposure. Equally important are the subjective ones, that is, all those factors that relate to your ideas, expectations, tastes and needs. It is also important to consider the use of the garden, whether you want a space to entertain guests, a play area for children, or a quiet environment to relax.This information helps you determine what style to be inspired by, what work to do, and what plants, furniture and accessories to choose. Contact Acerbis paesaggistica for garden construction in Lugano.
collaboratore mentre semina i bulbi durante la costruzione di alcuni giardini a lugano

How we work

We work professionally and passionately to provide you with high quality service, on time and tailored to you. For an optimal result we take into account the available space, location, characteristics of the building adjoining the garden, as well as your tastes, needs and preferences. Thanks to our collaboration with professionals, a fleet of state-of-the-art machinery, the use of high-quality materials, and more than 30 years of experience, we successfully take care of all kinds of green spaces, from large parks, to small gardens, to the creation of roof gardens.
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Construction of gardens and roof gardens 

Do you want to enhance your outdoor space and create a welcoming, comfortable and functional environment? Acerbis landscaping has a team of experts in garden construction in Lugano. We design, build and renovate gardens of any type and size. 


There are many elements that can be used in building unique gardens. Some of the common elements include plants, flowers, trees, shrubs and lawns. To create characteristic gardens it is also possible to use decorative stones, rocks, paths, retaining walls and fountains. Garden furniture, umbrellas , gazebos and furnishing accessories also allow you to personalize your green space to the maximum, to create comfortable areas and areas for entertaining guests. The use of materials such as wood, stone and metal can help create a unique and personalized style. 

Hanging gardens 

Hanging gardens offer an interesting solution for those who have a terrace at their disposal and wish to transform it into a real green space . When building rooftop gardens, you can use hanging planters or vertical plant walls to house a variety of plants and flowers . Thanks to the use of special panels, it is even possible to lay a turf on the terrace to transform it into a lawn. To ensure adequate watering of the garden it is also possible to install an irrigation system . 


Garden construction with style 

Gardens can be created in a variety of styles, each with its own unique characteristics. Choosing a style does not mean choosing a standard model. Your garden will be customized according to your expectations and wishes. Acerbis paesaggistica puts its team of experts at your disposal for the creation of gardens of all types. Here are some garden examples: 

Italian garden 

Elegant garden, characterized by geometric shapes and the presence of architectural elements such as pergolas, fountains, statues, wells, etc. In the Italian garden everything, from the plants to the architectural elements, is well studied, organized and tidy.  

English garden 

Characterized by natural elements, lawns flanked by groves of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers, and artificial elements such as lakes and ponds, streams, pergolas, etc. With soft shapes, the English garden is always well-kept and tidy while maintaining a wild appearance, not necessarily linked to certain architectural rules. 

Japanese garden 

In the Japanese garden rocks, water and plants are essential elements. The watchwords for this garden are peace, harmony and well-being.  

Rock garden 

The rock garden combines plants, flowers, boulders and rocks to recreate a landscape that is as natural as possible. It can be recreated on one or more slopes using various types of stones such as sandstone, limestone, granite and lava rock. 


Garden construction service in Lugano 

Do you want a professional garden construction service in Lugano? Contact Acerbis paesaggistica. Tell us about your expectations, wishes and ideas. We create the garden tailor-made for you. Creating a green space not only enhances your home but also contributes to the comfort and well-being of you, your family and your guests. To help you enjoy a healthy and lush garden all year round, we offer you ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services. 

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