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Landscape gardener

Landscape gardener

Why rely on a professional landscape gardener

Relying on a landscape gardener means benefiting from his or her experience, professionalism and creativity to create an impressive, aesthetic and functional green space. Acerbis Paesaggistica offers you:
  • Experience and expertise
  • Customized design
  • Saving time and energy
  • Enhancement of your property
  • Consulting and regular maintenance
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    How we work

    Providing high quality, timely and personalized service is our goal. We put our extensive knowledge in botany, phytopathology, gardening, landscape design, etc. at your disposal. We design a project that takes into account the available space, location and morphological characteristics of the land and building, as well as the client’s tastes, needs and preferences, which is beautiful but also feasible. Through collaboration with trusted professionals, a fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, the use of high-quality materials, and over 30 years of experience, we successfully design and implement all kinds of green spaces.
    giardiniere paesaggista all'opera

    Professional landscape gardener 

    The professional landscape gardener is an expert in the art of designing, creating and maintaining green spaces, such as gardens, parks, terraces and public areas. His main role is to transform outdoor environments into real landscape jewels, skillfully combining natural elements, such as plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, with architectural elements, such as paths, walls, fountains and lighting.

    The landscape gardener must have skills in botany, landscape design, watering, pruning and general plant maintenance. His creativity and his ability to interpret customers’ desires and needs are fundamental to creating unique and personalized projects. 


    How to choose a landscape gardener 

    To ensure the success of the project it is important to carefully choose which landscape gardener to rely on. Our goal is to fully meet your expectations. Here are some of the factors that serve as a guarantee for our work: 


    Experience and portfolio 

    We put at your disposal our thirty years of experience and our well-stocked portfolio as a basis for demonstrating our skills and ability to carry out quality projects. 


    Consulting and communication 

    For us, the landscape gardener must be able to offer detailed advice and understand your expectations and desires so that we can create an aesthetic, functional and highly personalized project that meets all your needs. 



    Our reviews help you understand what kind of reputation we have and how satisfied our customers are. 


    Budget and timing 

    We believe it is important to discuss budgets and timelines so that we can deliver your project on time and on budget. 


    Do you need a landscape gardener? 

    Do you want to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your green space? Do you want to create a harmonious and classy environment? The landscape gardener can help you with: 

    • Designing a new garden 
    • Restoration of a garden  
    • Revaluation of a garden 

    So, whether you need to create a garden from scratch, restore it or re-evaluate it, ask for the support of a landscape gardener. Contact Acerbis Paesaggistica. We create the environment you want and provide assistance for the care and maintenance of your garden. 

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