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Landscape architect Bedano

Landscape architect Bedano

Specialist Landscape Architect in Bedano

Rely on the experience, professionalism and creativity of the landscape gardener in Bedano for the restyling or creation of green spaces. We put our extensive knowledge of botany and outdoor space design at your disposal in order to create functional, sustainable and ecological environments. We evaluate both objective and subjective factors. We transform spaces of any size, from small terraces to extensive parks, into oases of tranquility and beauty, adding aesthetic and functional value to properties. For the creation of your green space contact Acerbis paesaggistica. Professionalism, open dialogue, customized design and customer satisfaction have created our reputation over the more than 30 years we have been in business.
L'architetto paesaggista mentre lavora su un progetto a Bedano

How we work

Quality, customization and collaboration with other professionals and the client are essential to our work. We are able to offer high quality service, aiming to fully meet our client’s needs and visions thanks to our 30 years of experience in botany and outdoor space design. Close collaboration with trusted professionals allows us to be able to accurately, professionally and on time implement design ideas, thus ensuring an optimal end result. Open collaboration and communication between professional and client is also essential in order to understand exactly their needs, desires and expectations and to achieve our goals: to offer excellent service and full client satisfaction.
Un architetto paesaggista a bedano all'opera

Professional landscape architect in Bedano 

Each of our projects is unique and highly personalized. To achieve this result and create a green space tailor-made for you, before even designing a project we collect all the necessary information and take into consideration all the objective and subjective factors.  

  • Objective factors 

We take into account the type of terrain, the local climate , the existing vegetation , the availability of water resources, the orientation, etc. 

  • Subjective factors 

We communicate openly with you to understand your personal needs , your desires and the use you want to make of your outdoor space and then translate them into achievable , unique and personalized  projects . 

The project 

After having analyzed all the aspects related to the green space and understood your expectations, we develop a series of concepts and preliminary drawings that illustrate the potential of the project. Once approved, we develop more detailed designs . 

Professionals, skills and quality materials 

If you are looking for the services of a landscape architect in Bedano, contact Acerbis paesaggistica. We offer you an excellent service, professionalism and high quality materials.

We transform outdoor environments , such as parks, gardens , terraces and public areas, into harmonious, functional and welcoming places . We collaborate with other experts in the sector and select the most suitable elements for your green space. 

Plants and trees 

Plants and trees are the essential ingredients of every garden. We choose plants based on local climate, topography and your aesthetic preferences. Plants can be used to create screening, define spaces, provide privacy, add color and create a natural, lush environment. 

Lawns and flowerbeds 

Lawns and flowerbeds are fundamental elements for creating open and green spaces. Depending on how you want to use your outdoor space, we design lawns for relaxation or play, choosing grasses and grasses suited to the local climate.

The flowerbeds can be used to host flowers, ornamental plants or vegetable gardens, adding an aesthetic touch and inviting you to rediscover the well-being of contact with nature . 

Driveways and walkways 

We create paths and walkways to make the garden walkable and to serve as a guide We use materials such as stone, wood or gravel to create fluid connection between different areas of the garden. Paths can be curved, straight or zigzag, adding interest and encouraging discovery. 

Aquatic elements 

We use natural pools, ponds, biotopes and bodies of water , which can be integrated with aquatic plants and animals, to create a relaxing atmosphere and give a touch of originality to the project. 

Structural elements 

We make the most of structural elements, such as retaining walls, fences, pergolas, gazebos, shade sails, and so on. to add verticality and style to outdoor spaces.  


We take care of the lighting of your outdoor space. This essential element has two roles: functional and decorative. In addition to being necessary for safety, the right lighting allows you to create a warm and welcoming environment and highlights architectural and ornamental elements.

Depending on the environment and the desired style we use spotlights, lanterns, lanterns, wall lamps, pendant lamps, designer lamps, etc. 

Furnishings and accessories 

We complete the work with furnishings , furnishing accessories and decorative and functional accessories to make the most of your garden or terrace  


Are you looking for a landscape architect in Bedano? 

Are you looking for a landscape architect in Bedano? Acerbis paesaggistica uses and combines in a harmonious and creative way all the elements necessary to create a unique and welcoming garden that reflects your personality and meets your needs . 

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