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Garden construction

Garden construction

Why rely on professionals for garden construction

Relying on experienced garden construction professionals gives you the assurance that you will get the desired result: a welcoming garden that perfectly suits your needs and tastes. Garden construction requires specialized skills and careful planning. The extensive knowledge of plants, materials and design techniques enables professional gardeners to create unique, customized and functional green spaces. For your garden construction, contact Acerbis paesaggistica. Working with professionals also offers the assurance that the project will be done correctly and in compliance with safety regulations.
collaboratore mentre semina i bulbi durante la costruzione di alcuni giardini

How we work

We work with professionalism and passion to provide you with high quality, timely and personalized service. For an optimal result we take into account the available space, location, characteristics of the building adjoining the garden, as well as your tastes, needs and preferences. Thanks to our collaboration with professionals, a fleet of state-of-the-art machinery, the use of high-quality materials, and more than 30 years of experience, we successfully take care of all kinds of green spaces, from large parks, to small gardens, to the creation of roof gardens.
mano che mostra una manciata di di bulbi utilizzati per la costruzione dei giardini

Professional garden construction 

Garden construction involves much more than choosing plants. The goal is to create a green space that reflects your expectations as much as possible. To achieve this result it is necessary to consider some factors such as: size of the garden, morphology of the soil, climate and exposure, as well as the budget available. Starting a project with the choice of plants without having first considered these factors would lead to a waste of money and an unsatisfactory result. The construction of gardens, therefore, includes various stages: 


Even before we start designing your garden, we need to understand what your expectations, ideas, tastes and needs are. This is because we want to create a beautiful, welcoming, functional and highly personalized space, a unique space, tailor-made for you. At this stage we also discuss the available budget so that we can then present a compliant project. 

Space examination 

The second aspect to evaluate is the space available: size, conformation of the soil (clayey, sandy, peaty, etc.) and morphology (flat, uphill/downhill). 


During design we develop drawings and plans for the garden. Thanks to a team of highly qualified designers we are able to develop a global design rather than for individual plants, creating interesting relationships between plants and structures, plants and ornaments, as well as between the plants themselves . 


Land preparation may include removing weeds, leveling , adding soil where necessary, fertilizing, installing irrigation systems, etc.  


Once the soil has been prepared we begin garden construction which includes:  

  • Work on masonry works (retaining walls, stairs, flowerbeds, paths, ponds, etc.) and other elements such as gazebos, canopies, etc. 
  • sow grass or lay lawn 
  • planting trees, shrubs, hedges, plants and flowers 


Once you have added the final details, such as decorative stones, furnishings and accessories , your garden is ready . 


From garden construction to maintenance 

Creating a green space not only enhances your home but also contributes to the comfort and well-being of you, your family and your guests. Acerbis paesaggistica puts at your disposal an expert team in garden construction. We create custom designs for gardens of all sizes. Tell us about your ideas and expectations and we will take care of building a green space tailor-made for you. To help you enjoy a healthy and lush garden all year round, we offer ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services. 

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