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Garden irrigation

Garden irrigation

Why rely on garden irrigation professionals

For the design, implementation and maintenance of garden irrigation systems, it is a good idea to rely on professionals in the field. With their expertise and in-depth knowledge of irrigation techniques and systems, they will be able to advise you on the best solutions to meet the specific needs of your garden. With the support of the qualified professionals at Acerbis paesaggistica, you can achieve optimal results and keep your garden lush and healthy over time.
parte impianto di irrigazione di giardini

How we work

We love our work and put passion into what we do. We offer high quality, timely and personalized service. Thanks to our collaboration with professionals, a fleet of machines that is always on the cutting edge, the use of first-rate materials, continuous updates on the latest developments in irrigation techniques and technologies, and more than 30 years of experience, we are able to offer you excellent design, service and maintenance throughout the year.
parte impianto di irrigazione di giardini

Advantages of a garden irrigation system 

We design and build garden irrigation systems to help you keep your outdoor space green and healthy. Installing an irrigation system offers numerous advantages . 

Save time and effort 

With an automatic watering system, you no longer have to worry about manually watering your plants daily . The system will take care of supplying the necessary water based on a predefined schedule.  

Uniform water distribution 

well-designed irrigation system distributes water evenly and targetedly, allowing you to maximize water absorption by plants. This reduces the risk of dryness or excessive humidity and helps maintain the ideal water balance for plant growth.  

Conscious use of water 

garden irrigation system can be equipped with sensors that detect soil humidity and automatically adjust the water supply based on weather conditions, ensuring efficient use of water resources.  

Roof garden irrigation systems 

If you want to transform your terrace into a pleasant and welcoming green space, hanging garden irrigation systems represent an ideal solution . These irrigation systems are simple and functional. A well-studied and programmed irrigation system allows you to water potted plants or green walls regularly , guarantees correct hydration of the plants and avoids unnecessary waste of water. For the design, construction and programming of your garden irrigation system, contact Acerbis paesaggistica. We create the customized system for your garden or terrace.  

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